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Tmate Screws F/digital Indicat

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CAT ID: 22455842

MFR PART #: 22455842

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Eppendorf Tmate Screws F/digital Indicat

Tmate Screws F/digital Indicat

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Tmate Screws for Digital Indicators are crucial components designed to secure the digital indicator firmly in place. These screws are manufactured with precision to ensure a secure fit, enhancing the stability and accuracy of the indicator during operation. Compatible with a range of Eppendorf digital indicators, these screws are easy to install, making them ideal for quick replacements or repairs. By using genuine Eppendorf Tmate Screws, users can maintain the reliability and performance of their equipment, ensuring consistent and precise results in various laboratory applications. Upgrade your digital indicator with these high-quality screws to guarantee seamless functionality and peace of mind during experiments and analyses.

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