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Tmate Sqr. Nut F/nose Cones

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CAT ID: 22456385

MFR PART #: 22456385

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Eppendorf Tmate Sqr. Nut F/nose Cones

Tmate Sqr. Nut F/nose Cones

Product Description:

The Tmate Sqr. Nut designed for nose cones by Eppendorf is a crucial component for precise and efficient laboratory work. This high-quality square nut ensures a secure fit and seamless operation with Eppendorf nose cones. Manufactured with durability in mind, this product guarantees long-term performance and reliability. The Tmate Sqr. Nut simplifies the process of attaching and detaching nose cones, allowing for swift and hassle-free instrument maintenance. Compatible with a range of Eppendorf equipment, this square nut is an essential accessory for various laboratory applications. Upgrade your lab setup with the Tmate Sqr. Nut for Eppendorf nose cones, and experience improved workflow and accuracy in your experiments.

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