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Edos 5222 Nosecone W/seal 1mL

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CAT ID: 22460528

MFR PART #: 22460528

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Eppendorf Edos 5222 Nosecone W/seal 1mL

Edos 5222 Nosecone W/seal 1mL

Product Description:

The Edos 5222 Nosecone with seal, designed by Eppendorf, is a high-quality laboratory accessory essential for precise liquid handling tasks. This product is specifically crafted to hold 1mL volumes securely, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in various scientific procedures. The seal incorporated into the design guarantees a tight fit, reducing the risk of leakage and cross-contamination during pipetting operations.

Manufactured by Eppendorf, a renowned name in the industry, this nosecone is compatible with a range of Eppendorf pipettes, adding versatility to your lab work. Whether you are working on sample preparation, reagent addition, or any other pipetting task, the Edos 5222 Nosecone with seal provides a reliable solution for your liquid handling needs. Upgrade your laboratory setup with this precision-engineered accessory to streamline your workflow and achieve consistent and reproducible results with confidence.

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