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Stream/Xstream Tip Ejector Key

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CAT ID: 22462491

MFR PART #: 22462491

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Eppendorf Stream/Xstream Tip Ejector Key

Stream/Xstream Tip Ejector Key

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Stream/Xstream Tip Ejector Key is designed to facilitate the convenient ejection of pipette tips. Compatible with Eppendorf pipettes, this key ensures quick and easy tip ejection, streamlining your pipetting workflow. Manufactured with high-quality materials, it offers durability and reliability for long-term use in laboratory settings. The ergonomic design of the ejector key promotes comfortable handling, reducing hand strain during repetitive pipetting tasks. Enhance your pipetting efficiency with the Eppendorf Stream/Xstream Tip Ejector Key, a practical accessory that optimizes your pipetting experience.


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