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4850 12ch Tip Ejector, 100/200

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CAT ID: 22463764

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Eppendorf 4850 12ch Tip Ejector, 100/200

4850 12ch Tip Ejector, 100/200

Product Description:

The Eppendorf 4850 12-channel Tip Ejector is designed for convenient and efficient pipetting tasks in the laboratory. With the ability to eject tips easily and swiftly, this tool enhances workflow productivity. The 12-channel configuration allows for simultaneous pipetting of multiple samples, saving time and effort during experiments. The Tip Ejector is compatible with 100 and 200 µl tips, offering versatility in sample volumes that can be handled. Ideal for high-throughput applications, the Eppendorf 4850 Tip Ejector ensures precision and accuracy in liquid handling procedures. Streamline your pipetting process with this reliable and user-friendly instrument from Eppendorf.


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