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4850muLti Pst N+ Cone, 1200

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CAT ID: 22465155

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Eppendorf 4850muLti Pst N+ Cone, 1200

4850muLti Pst N+ Cone, 1200

Product Description:

The Eppendorf 4850μL Multi Pst N+B Cone, 1200 is a reliable laboratory accessory designed to meet the demands of accurate and efficient liquid handling tasks. Compatible with Eppendorf pipettes, this accessory ensures a secure connection for precise and consistent pipetting. The N+B cone design enhances the versatility of the pipette, allowing for seamless transitions between different tasks with ease. With a volume capacity of 4850μL, this accessory is ideal for applications requiring larger liquid volumes, increasing productivity in the lab. Whether you are working on sample preparation, dilutions, or general liquid transfers, the Eppendorf 4850μL Multi Pst N+B Cone, 1200 provides a user-friendly experience, contributing to reliable results in various laboratory settings. Trust in Eppendorf accessories for quality, performance, and precision in your daily pipetting tasks.

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