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4850 Linear Actuator, 8ch 1200

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CAT ID: 22465635

MFR PART #: 22465635

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Eppendorf 4850 Linear Actuator, 8ch 1200

4850 Linear Actuator, 8ch 1200

Product Description:

The Eppendorf 4850 Linear Actuator is a versatile laboratory instrument designed to provide precise and reliable movement control for various applications. With 8 channels and a maximum load capacity of 1200 grams, this linear actuator offers exceptional performance in automated liquid handling systems, sample processing, and other laboratory automation tasks. The advanced design ensures smooth and accurate dispensing of liquids, making it ideal for high-throughput experiments where precision is crucial. The Eppendorf 4850 Linear Actuator is compatible with a wide range of lab equipment, allowing seamless integration into existing setups. Upgrade your laboratory workflow with this top-of-the-line linear actuator from Eppendorf and experience enhanced efficiency and productivity in your daily operations.

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