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Digital Ind.f/3111 2.5 uL

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CAT ID: 22474405

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Eppendorf Digital Ind.f/3111 2.5 uL

Digital Ind.f/3111 2.5 uL

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Digital Ind. f/3111 2.5 uL pipette offers precise and accurate measurement capabilities for laboratory professionals. With its digital interface, it allows for easy volume setting and adjustment, ensuring reproducible results. This pipette is designed to handle a volume range of 0.5 - 2.5 uL, making it ideal for applications requiring small sample sizes.

The ergonomic design of the Eppendorf pipette ensures comfortable handling during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing user fatigue. Additionally, the enhanced accuracy of this pipette contributes to reliable and consistent experimentation outcomes.

Whether working with DNA, proteins, or other sensitive samples, the Eppendorf Digital Ind. f/3111 2.5 uL pipette is a valuable tool in any molecular biology, biochemistry, or analytical chemistry laboratory. Trust in Eppendorf's reputation for quality and innovation to meet your pipetting needs with precision and efficiency.

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