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Digital Ind.f/3111 20 uL

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CAT ID: 22474421

MFR PART #: 22474421

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Eppendorf Digital Ind.f/3111 20 uL

Digital Ind.f/3111 20 uL

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Digital Single-Channel Pipette f/3111 with a volume range of 20 uL provides high precision and accuracy for various laboratory applications. This pipette features digital volume settings for easy and precise adjustment, ensuring reproducible results. The ergonomic design offers comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing user fatigue.

With its lightweight construction and intuitive operation, the Eppendorf Digital Single-Channel Pipette is ideal for tasks requiring precise volumes in molecular biology, biochemistry, and microbiology. The easy-to-read display and quick set knob make volume selection quick and efficient.

Equipped with quality materials and advanced technology, this pipette from Eppendorf guarantees reliable performance and durability in your daily pipetting tasks. Enhance your laboratory workflow and achieve accurate pipetting results with the Eppendorf Digital Single-Channel Pipette f/3111 20 uL.

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