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Nose Cone Assembly 8CH 100 uL

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Eppendorf Nose Cone Assembly 8CH 100 uL

Nose Cone Assembly 8CH 100 uL

Product Description:

The Eppendorf 8-channel 100 uL Nose Cone Assembly is a crucial component for precise liquid handling in various laboratory applications. Designed with quality and efficiency in mind, this assembly ensures accurate and reliable pipetting for increased productivity. The 8-channel configuration allows for simultaneous pipetting of multiple samples, saving time and effort during experiments.

Crafted by Eppendorf, a reputable manufacturer in the industry, this Nose Cone Assembly guarantees compatibility and seamless integration with Eppendorf pipettes. The 100 uL volume capacity meets the needs of many common laboratory procedures, making this assembly versatile and practical. Whether working with samples in research, diagnostics, or pharmaceutical settings, this assembly is a valuable tool for any lab professional seeking accuracy and precision in their work.

Invest in the Eppendorf 8-channel 100 uL Nose Cone Assembly to streamline your pipetting processes and achieve reliable results with every use. Trust in Eppendorf's renowned quality and innovation to enhance your workflow and experimental outcomes.

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