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Tip Holder 3114 300 uL/12ch

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CAT ID: 22474651

MFR PART #: 22474651

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Eppendorf Tip Holder 3114 300 uL/12ch

Tip Holder 3114 300 uL/12ch

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Tip Holder 3114 is designed to accommodate 300 uL disposable tips in a 12-channel format. This holder provides a convenient and organized way to keep multiple tips ready for use during liquid handling tasks. Compatible with various Eppendorf multichannel pipettes, this accessory ensures efficient workflow in the laboratory. By securely holding the tips in place, it minimizes the risk of contamination and accidental spills, enhancing the accuracy of pipetting procedures. The durable construction of the Tip Holder 3114 guarantees a stable and reliable support system for the tips, contributing to consistent and precise results in various applications such as sample transfers, PCR, and microplate dispensing. Streamline your pipetting process and optimize your lab's productivity with the Eppendorf Tip Holder 3114.


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