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Lifting Rod F/3114

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CAT ID: 22474766

MFR PART #: 22474766

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Eppendorf Lifting Rod F/3114

Lifting Rod F/3114

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Lifting Rod is designed for use with the Eppendorf 3114 Series of centrifuges. This essential accessory facilitates the safe and easy handling of the centrifuge rotor, ensuring smooth loading and unloading procedures. The lifting rod is crafted from durable materials to guarantee stability and reliability during operation. Additionally, its ergonomic design enhances user comfort and minimizes the risk of strain or injury.

Compatible with the Eppendorf 3114 Series centrifuges, this lifting rod streamlines rotor handling processes in a laboratory setting. By securely grasping the rotor, it provides a secure grip for steady transportation. Its user-friendly features make it an indispensable tool for efficient workflow management, promoting safety and convenience when working with centrifuge equipment. Upgrade your laboratory setup with the Eppendorf Lifting Rod for optimized performance and peace of mind during centrifugation procedures.

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