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3114 Lower Ejector 100 uL/12ch

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Eppendorf 3114 Lower Ejector 100 uL/12ch

3114 Lower Ejector 100 uL/12ch

Product Description:

The Eppendorf 3114 Lower Ejector with a 100 uL capacity and 12 channels is designed for precise and efficient pipetting. This high-quality lower ejector ensures accurate dispensing of liquids in various laboratory applications. Its ergonomic design makes handling comfortable even during extended pipetting tasks. The 12-channel configuration enables simultaneous pipetting, increasing work efficiency. Compatible with standard pipette tips, this Eppendorf lower ejector is a versatile tool for laboratories performing high-throughput experiments. Streamline your pipetting workflow with the reliable performance and user-friendly features of the Eppendorf 3114 Lower Ejector. Ideal for research labs, diagnostic facilities, and pharmaceutical industries, this device upholds Eppendorf's reputation for excellence in laboratory equipment.

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