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15mm Weighing Vessels, 3pcs.

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Eppendorf 15mm Weighing Vessels, 3pcs.

15mm Weighing Vessels, 3pcs.

Product Description:

These Eppendorf 15mm weighing vessels come in a set of 3, designed to facilitate precise weighing of samples in laboratory settings. Manufactured with high-quality materials, these vessels ensure accuracy and reliability during weighing processes. The 15mm size is ideal for holding a variety of sample types while maintaining stability for measurements.

Eppendorf weighing vessels are compatible with most laboratory balances, making them versatile and easy to incorporate into your existing equipment. The disposable nature of these vessels eliminates the need for cleaning, preventing cross-contamination and saving valuable time in busy laboratories.

Whether you are working in research, pharmaceuticals, or other scientific fields, these weighing vessels are essential tools for ensuring consistent and reproducible results. Streamline your weighing procedures and enhance the efficiency of your work with Eppendorf 15mm weighing vessels.

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