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Reference Ejector Sleeve 200 uL

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CAT ID: 22475843

MFR PART #: 22475843

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

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Eppendorf Reference Ejector Sleeve 200 uL

Reference Ejector Sleeve 200 uL

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Reference Ejector Sleeve with a volume of 200 uL is a practical accessory designed to enhance the functionality of Eppendorf pipettes. This sleeve ensures smooth and efficient ejection of pipette tips after each use, contributing to precise and error-free pipetting.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Eppendorf Reference Ejector Sleeve guarantees durability and reliability even with frequent use in laboratory settings. Its user-friendly design allows for easy handling and quick tip ejection, promoting seamless pipetting processes.

Compatible with Eppendorf pipettes, this accessory is essential for maintaining a streamlined workflow and accurate liquid handling. By incorporating the Reference Ejector Sleeve into your pipetting routine, you can elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your lab work. Trust in Eppendorf's reputation for excellence and invest in this reliable accessory for your pipetting needs.

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