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Research Sgl Piston 1000 uL

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CAT ID: 22476327

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Eppendorf Research Sgl Piston 1000 uL

Research Sgl Piston 1000 uL

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Research Single-Channel Piston Pipette with a volume of 1000 µL is a reliable tool for precise liquid handling in various laboratory applications. This pipette ensures accuracy and precision, crucial for research experiments that require exact volumes. The single-channel design allows for easy handling of liquids, making it suitable for both experienced researchers and beginners.

With Eppendorf's reputation for quality and durability, this piston pipette is designed to withstand frequent use without compromising performance. The ergonomic design enhances user comfort during prolonged pipetting tasks, reducing hand strain.

The 1000 µL volume range makes this pipette versatile for a wide range of sample types and volumes in research settings such as molecular biology, biochemistry, and microbiology. Calibration and adjustment are convenient, ensuring the accuracy of your pipetting measurements.

Overall, the Eppendorf Research Single-Channel Piston Pipette combines precision, reliability, and user comfort, making it a valuable tool for laboratories where accuracy and efficiency are paramount.

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