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Edos 8ch Adpter, 5-50 uL - B

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CAT ID: 501104566

MFR PART #: 501104566

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Eppendorf Edos 8ch Adpter, 5-50 uL - B

Edos 8ch Adpter, 5-50 uL - B

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Edos 8-channel adapter is designed for use with 5-50 uL pipettes, offering high precision and efficiency. This adapter enables simultaneous pipetting in 8 channels, increasing productivity in the lab. It is ideal for applications requiring repetitive dispensing of small volumes with accuracy. The Eppendorf Edos adapter ensures reliable and consistent results while reducing the risk of errors. Compatible with various Eppendorf pipettes, this adapter is a versatile tool for a range of liquid handling tasks. Upgrade your pipetting workflow with the Eppendorf Edos 8-channel adapter, a quality accessory for increased efficiency and convenience in your laboratory operations.

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