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Centrifuge 5425 R, rotary knobs, refrigerated, without rotor, 120 V/50?€“?60 Hz US

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CAT ID: 5406000640

MFR PART #: 5406000640

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Weight: 55.12 lbs

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Eppendorf - Centrifuges - 5406000640

Centrifuge 5425 R, rotary knobs, refrigerated, without rotor, 120 V/50?€“?60 Hz US

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Centrifuge 5425 R is a reliable and versatile laboratory tool designed for a variety of applications. Equipped with user-friendly rotary knobs, this refrigerated centrifuge operates on 120V power supply at 50-60 Hz, making it suitable for use in the US. It offers precise temperature control, ideal for samples requiring cooling during centrifugation processes.

This model does not include a rotor, providing flexibility for customization based on specific laboratory requirements. The centrifuge 5425 R is perfect for tasks such as DNA/RNA extractions, PCR cleanup, cell culture applications, as well as protein purification procedures. Its compact design saves valuable bench space while ensuring efficient and consistent performance.

With Eppendorf's reputation for quality and innovation, the Centrifuge 5425 R guarantees reliable operation, precise results, and user convenience. Whether in research, clinical, or academic settings, this centrifuge is a valuable asset for any laboratory looking to streamline their workflow and achieve reproducible outcomes with ease.

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