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BLUelf Prestained Protein Ladder 500ul

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CAT ID: PM008-R500

MFR PART #: PM008-R500

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Weight: 7 lbs

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FroggaBio USA Inc - Lab Equipment - PM008-R500

BLUelf Prestained Protein Ladder 500ul

Product Description:

The BLUelf Prestained Protein Ladder 500ul by FroggaBio USA Inc is a reliable tool for protein electrophoresis applications. This prestained protein ladder comes ready-to-use, eliminating the need for additional staining steps. With a volume of 500ul, this ladder offers convenience and cost-effectiveness for multiple experiments. The ladder consists of multiple sharp and distinct bands ranging from 10 to 245 kDa, facilitating accurate molecular weight determination of sample proteins. This ladder is compatible with a variety of gel types and electrophoresis conditions, providing flexibility in experimental setups. Whether you are conducting routine protein analysis or complex research experiments, the BLUelf Prestained Protein Ladder 500ul ensures reproducible results with high sensitivity. Streamline your protein analysis workflow and achieve precise size estimation with this quality prestained ladder.

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