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Formaldehyde Control, Polyform-F, 2.5 Gallons/Bottle, 2 Bottles/Unit

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CAT ID: 2536

MFR PART #: 2536

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 2536

Formaldehyde Control, Polyform-F, 2.5 Gallons/Bottle, 2 Bottles/Unit

Product Description:

The Polyform-F Formaldehyde Control solution by Globe Scientific is a reliable product designed to effectively neutralize and control formaldehyde in laboratory settings. Each unit contains two bottles, with each bottle holding 2.5 gallons of the solution. This powerful formula ensures a safe working environment by efficiently managing the levels of formaldehyde present.

Ideal for various laboratory applications that involve the use of formaldehyde, this solution offers a practical and convenient way to maintain control over potentially harmful chemical agents. Whether used in medical facilities, research laboratories, or educational institutions, the Polyform-F solution provides a valuable tool for ensuring workplace safety and compliance with regulations.

By incorporating the Globe Scientific Polyform-F Formaldehyde Control into your lab routine, you can enhance the overall safety measures and create a more secure work environment for you and your team. Trust in this product to deliver reliable performance and contribute to the smooth operation of your laboratory activities.

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