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Beaker, Disposable, PS, 20mL

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CAT ID: 3603

MFR PART #: 3603

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 3603

Beaker, Disposable, PS, 20mL

Product Description:

This 20mL disposable polystyrene (PS) beaker by Globe Scientific is ideal for various laboratory applications. The beaker offers convenience as a single-use item, eliminating the need for cleaning and ensuring no cross-contamination between experiments. Made of durable PS material, it provides excellent chemical resistance and transparency for clear visibility of contents. The beaker is suitable for measuring, mixing, or storing liquids in the lab setting. Its 20mL capacity makes it versatile for small to medium-sized experiments. Designed for ease of use and disposal, this beaker is a valuable addition to any laboratory where efficiency and cleanliness are paramount.

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