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Slide Draining Tray, 100-Place for up to 200 Slides, ABS, Green

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CAT ID: 513252G-1

MFR PART #: 513252G-1

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 513252G-1

Slide Draining Tray, 100-Place for up to 200 Slides, ABS, Green

Product Description:

The Slide Draining Tray by Globe Scientific is designed to accommodate up to 200 slides in its 100-place configuration. Made from durable ABS material in an eye-catching green color, this tray is a reliable tool for slide organization and processing in laboratories. The efficient 100-place layout allows for the draining of slides post-treatment or staining, helping to prevent contamination and ensure proper drying.

With this Slide Draining Tray, you can conveniently arrange a large number of slides in a compact space, making it suitable for high-throughput procedures. The sturdy ABS construction guarantees longevity and easy maintenance, while the bright green color adds a touch of visibility to the lab environment. Whether you are working with microscope slides for research, clinical diagnostics, or educational purposes, this 100-place Slide Draining Tray offers a practical solution for your slide management needs.

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