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Funnel, Buchner, PP, 80mm

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CAT ID: 600440

MFR PART #: 600440

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 600440

Funnel, Buchner, PP, 80mm

Product Description:

This 80mm Buchner funnel by Globe Scientific is a reliable tool in laboratory settings. Made of durable polypropylene (PP), this funnel is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and can withstand varying temperatures. Its 80mm size makes it suitable for various filtration applications, ensuring efficient and precise results. The Buchner design allows for faster flow rates compared to regular funnels, saving time during the filtration process.

The Globe Scientific Buchner funnel is easy to clean and maintain, providing convenience for busy lab environments. Its sturdy construction ensures long-term use without the risk of breakage or corrosion. Whether filtering liquids or collecting solids, this funnel is an essential instrument for laboratories conducting filtration tasks. Invest in this high-quality 80mm Buchner funnel to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your lab work.

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