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Desiccator Plates, PP for 150mm Desiccator

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CONDITION: Discontinued

CAT ID: 600551

MFR PART #: 600551

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 600551

Desiccator Plates, PP for 150mm Desiccator

Product Description:

These Desiccator Plates by Globe Scientific are designed for use with 150mm desiccators. Made of polypropylene (PP), these plates are durable and resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making them suitable for various laboratory applications. The desiccator plates effectively support the contents inside the desiccator, facilitating the drying process by maintaining a low-humidity environment.

Ideal for preserving moisture-sensitive items such as reagents, samples, or hygroscopic chemicals, these PP desiccator plates offer a secure platform for delicate substances. Their compatibility with 150mm desiccators ensures a precise fit, enhancing the overall functionality of the desiccator setup.

Researchers, scientists, and lab technicians can rely on these Globe Scientific Desiccator Plates to safeguard their valuable materials from moisture damage, ensuring the integrity of their experiments and samples. Upgrade your desiccator system with these high-quality PP plates for dependable moisture control in the laboratory.

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