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Desiccator Plates, PP for 250mm Desiccator

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CONDITION: Discontinued

CAT ID: 600553

MFR PART #: 600553

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 600553

Desiccator Plates, PP for 250mm Desiccator

Product Description:

These Desiccator Plates by Globe Scientific are designed specifically for 250mm Desiccators. Made of Polypropylene (PP), these plates offer durability and chemical resistance, ensuring a long service life. The compatibility with 250mm Desiccators makes them ideal for laboratory applications requiring airtight storage or moisture removal. These plates effectively aid in creating a controlled environment within the desiccator, preserving the integrity of sensitive materials or samples. The PP construction offers a lightweight solution without compromising on strength, allowing for easy handling and maintenance. Upgrade your desiccator setup with these reliable and functional Desiccator Plates to enhance the efficacy of your drying or storage processes in the lab.

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