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Flask, Volumetric, Globe Glass, 50mL, Class B, To Contain TC, ASTME288, 6/Box

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - 8250050

Flask, Volumetric, Globe Glass, 50mL, Class B, To Contain TC, ASTME288, 6/Box

Product Description:

This box of 6 Globe Scientific 50mL Class B Volumetric Flasks is designed to accurately contain specific volumes of liquids for various laboratory applications. Made of high-quality glass, these flasks meet ASTM E288 standards for precision and reliability. The "To Contain" mark indicates the flask's precise volume at a reference temperature.

These volumetric flasks are essential in analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical, and environmental testing settings where accurate measurement is critical. The Class B tolerance ensures precise measurement within close margins. Each flask is sturdy and durable, suitable for general laboratory use.

With Globe Scientific's reputation for quality and adherence to industry standards, these 50mL volumetric flasks provide a dependable solution for your volumetric measuring needs. Whether used in titrations, dilutions, or sample preparations, these flasks offer consistent and accurate results, supporting the integrity of your experiments and analyses.

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