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Label Sheets, Cryo, 76x51mm, for Racks and Boxes, White

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - LCS-76X51W

Label Sheets, Cryo, 76x51mm, for Racks and Boxes, White

Product Description:

These Cryo Label Sheets by Globe Scientific are designed to efficiently label racks and boxes in laboratory settings. Measuring 76x51mm, these white label sheets provide ample space for clear and concise identification. The durable material ensures that the labels remain intact even under extreme cold conditions, making them suitable for cryogenic applications.

With these label sheets, organizing samples becomes streamlined and error-free, reducing the risk of misidentification. The white background allows for easy visibility and readability of the information written on the labels. Whether used for inventory management, sample tracking, or archival purposes, these Cryo Label Sheets offer a reliable solution. Enhance your laboratory workflow with these practical and versatile labeling tools from Globe Scientific.

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