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Labeling Tape, 1 x 500 per Roll, 3 Rolls/Box, Rose

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - LT-1X500RS

Labeling Tape, 1 x 500 per Roll, 3 Rolls/Box, Rose

Product Description:

The Globe Scientific Labeling Tape in rose color comes in rolls measuring 1 x 500 each, conveniently packaged in a box containing 3 rolls. This labeling tape is ideal for a variety of lab applications, ensuring clear and reliable labeling of samples, containers, and equipment. The vibrant rose color provides excellent visibility, aiding in the organization and identification of items in the laboratory. The tape is easy to write on, allowing for quick and efficient labeling without any smudges or fading. With strong adhesive properties, this labeling tape securely attaches to various surfaces, staying in place during handling and storage. Suitable for use in the lab setting, this labeling tape from Globe Scientific enhances workflow organization and sample traceability.

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