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Labeling Tape Dispenser, 60yd, 13-3/8 x 7

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Globe Scientific - Accessories - LT-DIS60

Labeling Tape Dispenser, 60yd, 13-3/8 x 7

Product Description:

The Globe Scientific Labeling Tape Dispenser is designed for convenience in the laboratory. With a capacity to hold and dispense a 60-yard roll of labeling tape, this dispenser is both practical and efficient. The dimensions of 13-3/8 x 7 provide stability during use, preventing tipping or sliding on the workbench.

This labeling tape dispenser is ideal for accurately labeling various items in the lab, such as tubes, vials, and containers, ensuring proper identification and organization. The easy-to-use design allows for quick dispensing and cutting of tape, streamlining the labeling process and saving valuable time during experiments or sample handling.

Constructed with quality materials, the Globe Scientific Labeling Tape Dispenser is sturdy and durable for long-lasting use in a laboratory setting. It is a valuable tool for maintaining a well-organized workspace and enhancing workflow efficiency.

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