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Freezing Box, Cardboard, 49-Place 7x7 format, for 15mL Centrifuge Tubes, White

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CAT ID: 3098-1

MFR PART #: 3098-1

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Globe Scientific - Cryogenic Vials - 3098-1

Freezing Box, Cardboard, 49-Place 7x7 format, for 15mL Centrifuge Tubes, White

Product Description:

This 49-place cardboard freezing box by Globe Scientific is designed to securely store 15mL centrifuge tubes in a 7x7 format. The white box provides efficient organization and protection for samples during freezing applications. The 49 compartments ensure proper fit for the tubes, preventing accidental spills or mix-ups.

Crafted from durable cardboard material, this freezing box is lightweight and easy to handle, making it convenient for everyday laboratory use. Its compact design saves valuable space in the lab and fits easily into standard freezers. The color white enhances visibility of the samples, aiding in quick identification.

Ideal for research facilities, diagnostic labs, and academic institutions, this Globe Scientific freezing box offers a cost-effective solution for preserving samples at ultra-low temperatures. The 49-place configuration simplifies sample storage and retrieval, streamlining laboratory workflows. Trust this reliable freezing box to maintain sample integrity and organization in your lab effortlessly.

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