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CryoCool Mini Cooler, 0°C, 12-Place 3x4 for 15mL Tubes, Red

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CAT ID: 454005

MFR PART #: 454005

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Globe Scientific - Cryogenic Vials - 454005

CryoCool Mini Cooler, 0°C, 12-Place 3x4 for 15mL Tubes, Red

Product Description:

The CryoCool Mini Cooler by Globe Scientific is designed to maintain a temperature of 0°C, providing a reliable cooling solution for up to 12 15mL tubes arranged in a 3x4 configuration. The cooler, featured in a vibrant red color, is ideal for holding samples at a consistent low temperature during experiments or storage. Its compact size makes it perfect for use on benchtops or in limited spaces, offering convenience without compromising performance. The 12-place configuration allows for efficient organization of samples, contributing to a more streamlined workflow in the laboratory. Whether storing sensitive samples or conducting experiments that require constant cooling, the CryoCool Mini Cooler is a versatile and essential tool for any lab setting.

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