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CryoCool Mini Cooler, -20°C, 12-Place 3x4 for 1.5mL Tubes, Yellow

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CAT ID: 454021

MFR PART #: 454021

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Globe Scientific - Cryogenic Vials - 454021

CryoCool Mini Cooler, -20°C, 12-Place 3x4 for 1.5mL Tubes, Yellow

Product Description:

The CryoCool Mini Cooler by Globe Scientific is a reliable solution for maintaining a consistent temperature of -20°C, ensuring the integrity of your samples. With a 12-place 3x4 layout designed specifically for 1.5mL tubes, this compact cooler in a vibrant yellow color is both practical and visually appealing. Ideal for small and medium-sized laboratories, it provides efficient cooling for a variety of applications, including PCR preparation, enzyme storage, and general sample cooling. The durable construction and user-friendly design make it easy to operate and transport, adding convenience to your workflow. Upgrade your lab setup with the CryoCool Mini Cooler to streamline your sample handling processes and preserve your valuable samples with confidence.

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