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Tube rocker, 3D motion, 120v, 60Hz, US Plug, 20rpm

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Globe Scientific - Rockers - GTR-3D

Tube rocker, 3D motion, 120v, 60Hz, US Plug, 20rpm

Product Description:

The Globe Scientific Tube Rocker with 3D motion provides gentle yet effective mixing of biological samples. Operating at a fixed speed of 20rpm, this versatile equipment ensures thorough mixing without potential damage to the samples. With a standard US Plug, this 120v, 60Hz Tube Rocker is suitable for laboratory use without the need for additional adapters. Ideal for mixing blood samples, cell suspensions, and more, it offers a consistent 3-dimensional motion to achieve homogenous mixing results. The compact design saves valuable bench space while the robust construction ensures durability for long-term use. Enhance your laboratory efficiency and sample preparation with the Globe Scientific Tube Rocker, a reliable tool for a variety of mixing applications.

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