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Thermometer Strips, Graduated in both Fahrenheit 90-100° and Celsius 32-38°

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CAT ID: 112215

MFR PART #: 112215

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Globe Scientific - Tubes - 112215

Thermometer Strips, Graduated in both Fahrenheit 90-100° and Celsius 32-38°

Product Description:

These Globe Scientific Thermometer Strips are essential tools for quick and easy temperature monitoring in various laboratory settings. With dual scales graduated in Fahrenheit (90-100°F) and Celsius (32-38°C), these strips offer versatility for different measurement preferences. The clear and distinct markings make readings straightforward and accurate.

These thermometer strips are particularly useful for applications requiring precise temperature control, such as scientific experiments, quality control processes, or general temperature-sensitive tasks. Their compact size and adhesive backing enable convenient placement on surfaces for continuous monitoring. Additionally, the wide temperature range covered by the strips ensures suitability for a variety of environments and experiments.

Reliable and cost-effective, these Globe Scientific Thermometer Strips provide a simple yet effective solution for temperature monitoring needs in laboratories, educational settings, healthcare facilities, and beyond. Trust in the quality and accuracy of these thermometer strips to facilitate efficient and accurate temperature measurements in your workspace.

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