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Vortex Mixer, Variable Speed, 120v, 60Hz, US Plug

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Globe Scientific - VortexMixers - GVM-AS

Vortex Mixer, Variable Speed, 120v, 60Hz, US Plug

Product Description:

The Globe Scientific Vortex Mixer offers variable speed control, making it versatile for various laboratory applications. Operating at 120v with a 60Hz frequency and a convenient US plug, this mixer is suitable for everyday use. The variable speed feature allows precise control over the mixing process, enabling thorough mixing of samples in tubes or small containers. This mixer is ideal for tasks such as resuspending cells, mixing reagents, or performing biochemical assays. Its compact design saves valuable bench space, and the user-friendly interface ensures easy operation. Enhance your lab efficiency with the Globe Scientific Vortex Mixer, a reliable tool for homogenizing samples effectively.

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