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Micropipet Holder

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CAT ID: 9660101

MFR PART #: 9660101

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Weight: 4 lbs

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Hirschmann Micropipet Holder

Micropipet Holder

Product Description:

This Hirschmann Micropipet Holder is designed to securely hold micropipettes when not in use, ensuring they are stored safely and conveniently within reach. The holder is crafted from durable materials to provide stability and support for various brands and types of micropipettes. Its compact design helps save valuable bench space in the laboratory, while the sleek finish adds a professional look to your workspace. The holder features a universal fit, making it versatile for a wide range of micropipette models. By keeping your micropipettes in this holder, you can prevent contamination and damage, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of your delicate equipment. This micropipet holder is an essential accessory for any laboratory looking to maintain organization and efficiency in pipetting tasks. Suitable for research facilities, medical labs, and academic institutions, this holder offers a practical solution for storing micropipettes between uses.

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