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IBS Integra Pipetboy Green- only one left in stock!
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IBS Integra Pipetboy Green- only one left in stock!

No more waiting for charge-up - this can be done whilst you are using the instrument. The new high-performance and environmentally friendly NiMH battery technology incorporated in PIPETBOY acu makes it constantly available for use - and the battery shows no more Memory Effect.You can select your own favorite color for your personal PIPETBOY acu and bring some color into your lab ! In this way you can work more safely and avoid mix-ups. You can allocate colors to particular applications. Such as: dedicated instruments for particular cell lines, virology, aspiration of waste products. Control your own pipetting speed: continuously via milled screw, additionally via the dosing head for precise, fine dosing. The easy-to-change sterile filter seals as soon as it comes into contact with liquids, preventing contamination of the instrument. PIPETBOY acu is ideal for use with all commercially available serological pipettes. Its rubber and silicone handle provides a safe and secure grip. It is durable, flexible and autoclavable, preventing contamination of the instrument.


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