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Conical, Sterilized, Dnase/Rnase free, Non-pyrogenic25/pk, 500/cs

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MFR PART #: CFT011500

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Weight: 7 lbs

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Jet Biofil - Tubes - JB-CT50-S

Conical, Sterilized, Dnase/Rnase free, Non-pyrogenic25/pk, 500/cs

Product Description:

These sterilized conical tubes by Jet Biofil are essential for safe sample storage and preparation in laboratory settings. With DNase/RNase-free and non-pyrogenic properties, they ensure the integrity of your samples for accurate results. This pack includes 25 tubes for convenience and is also available in a case of 500 for larger-scale operations. The conical shape facilitates easy pipetting and minimal sample wastage, while the sterile nature eliminates the risk of contamination. Whether you are working on cell culture, molecular biology, or other applications, these tubes provide a reliable solution for your lab needs. Trust Jet Biofil's quality for your research, testing, or experimental work, knowing that these tubes meet the necessary standards for critical lab processes.

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