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UrineSafe Urine Specimen Collection Cup, in Bag 90ml, 100/cs

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CAT ID: 4111-840-000-9

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Labcon - Accessories - 4111-840-000-9

UrineSafe Urine Specimen Collection Cup, in Bag 90ml, 100/cs

Product Description:

The UrineSafe Urine Specimen Collection Cup by Labcon is a reliable solution for medical facilities and laboratories. These cups, with a volume of 90ml, are conveniently packed in bags for easier handling and storage. Each case contains 100 cups, ensuring an adequate supply for your needs.

Designed for specimen collection, these cups provide a secure and leak-proof container for urine samples. The sturdy construction guarantees the safe transportation of specimens without the risk of spills. The clear design allows for easy visual inspection of the sample without the need for transfer, minimizing the potential for contamination.

Ideal for routine testing, research, or diagnostic purposes, the UrineSafe Collection Cup streamlines the collection process and promotes efficient workflow in a clinical setting. Trust Labcon's quality and expertise to meet your specimen collection requirements effectively. Choose the UrineSafe Cup for secure, hassle-free urine specimen collection and transportation.

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