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Acrylic Stand For 3 Excel Pipettors

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CAT ID: P3630L

MFR PART #: P3630L

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Weight: 1 lbs

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Labnet Acrylic Stand For 3 Excel Pipettors

Acrylic Stand For 3 Excel Pipettors

Product Description:

The Labnet Acrylic Stand for 3 Excel Pipettors provides a convenient storage solution for your pipettors, keeping them organized and easily accessible in the laboratory. This stand is specifically designed to hold 3 Excel pipettors securely in an upright position, minimizing the risk of damage or contamination when not in use.

Crafted from durable acrylic material, this stand is sturdy and easy to clean, maintaining a professional and tidy workspace. By keeping your pipettors on the stand when not in use, you can prolong their lifespan and ensure accurate pipetting performance for your experiments.

This stand is a practical addition to any laboratory setting, offering a simple yet effective way to store and display your Excel pipettors. Streamline your pipetting workflow and enhance efficiency with the Labnet Acrylic Stand for 3 Excel Pipettors.


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