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Carousel Stand For Biopette E Electronic Pipettes

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CAT ID: P3935

MFR PART #: P3935

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Weight: 3 lbs

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Labnet Carousel Stand For Biopette E Electronic Pipettes

Carousel Stand For Biopette E Electronic Pipettes

Product Description:

The Labnet Carousel Stand is designed specifically for the Biopette E Electronic Pipettes. This stand provides a convenient and organized way to store your electronic pipettes when not in use. With its carousel design, it allows easy access to your pipettes while saving space on your workstation. The stand is sturdy and stable, ensuring that your valuable pipettes are securely held in place.

The Carousel Stand for Biopette E Electronic Pipettes is a practical accessory for any laboratory working with these electronic pipettes. It helps to maintain a clutter-free workspace and protects the pipettes from accidental damage. By keeping the pipettes within reach and easy to identify, this stand contributes to improved efficiency and productivity during pipetting tasks. Invest in the Labnet Carousel Stand to streamline your pipetting workflow and enhance the overall organization of your lab.


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