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Digital V-3 Pipette With Tip Ejector, 20 - 200 uL

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CAT ID: V3-200

MFR PART #: 4000-207

Availability: Ships direct from manufacturer*

Weight: 1.1 lbs

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Labnet - Pipettes - V3-200

Digital V-3 Pipette With Tip Ejector, 20 - 200 uL

Product Description:

The Labnet Digital V-3 Pipette with a tip ejector offers precise pipetting in the 20 - 200 uL range. This ergonomic pipette ensures comfortable and accurate liquid handling for various laboratory applications. The tip ejector feature enhances efficiency by allowing easy tip ejection with a single hand, reducing the risk of contamination between samples.

With clear digital display, adjustable volume settings, and easy calibration, this pipette is user-friendly and reliable. The Labnet V-3 Pipette is designed to streamline pipetting tasks, improving productivity in research, diagnostics, and other scientific settings. Its lightweight yet durable construction makes it a practical choice for routine pipetting needs.

Enhance your pipetting accuracy and efficiency with the Labnet Digital V-3 Pipette. Whether you are working in molecular biology, microbiology, or other laboratory disciplines, this pipette is a versatile tool that ensures precise and consistent results with every use. Upgrade your lab equipment with this reliable and efficient digital pipette.


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