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Tube Rack, fraction collector type, 80 x 1.5mL/2mL, red, pack of 5

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CAT ID: R1040-R

MFR PART #: R1040-R

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MTC-Bio - Accessories - R1040-R

Tube Rack, fraction collector type, 80 x 1.5mL/2mL, red, pack of 5

Product Description:

The MTC-Bio Tube Rack is designed in fraction collector type, capable of accommodating 80 tubes of 1.5mL/2mL each. This pack of 5 red racks provides a durable and efficient solution for your laboratory needs. The racks are constructed to securely hold the tubes in place, preventing accidental spills or mix-ups during experiments or storage.

With the MTC-Bio Tube Rack, organizing and accessing your samples becomes seamless and convenient. The vibrant red color not only adds a pop of color to your lab environment but also aids in quick visual identification. Whether you are working on sample collection, storage, or analysis, these tube racks are essential tools to enhance your workflow and productivity.

Invest in the MTC-Bio Tube Rack pack to streamline your lab processes and ensure the safety of your valuable samples. Experience the reliability and quality craftsmanship that MTC-Bio products are known for, making your lab routines more efficient and effective.

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