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120 ul 384 well Deep Well Plates, V Bottom, Square Well, Sterile, 5/pk, 50/cs

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CAT ID: 504761

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NEST Scientific - Plates - 504761

120 ul 384 well Deep Well Plates, V Bottom, Square Well, Sterile, 5/pk, 50/cs

Product Description:

These 120 μl 384-well deep well plates by NEST Scientific are designed with a V-bottom and square wells, providing optimal conditions for various laboratory applications. Each pack contains 5 sterile plates, and there are 50 packs per case, offering a total of 250 plates for extended use.

The V-bottom design facilitates maximum liquid retrieval with minimal residual volume, ensuring efficient sample handling and preventing waste. The square wells aid in easy sample collection and measurement, allowing for precision and accuracy during experiments.

These deep well plates are ideal for high-throughput screening, sample storage, PCR, and cell culture applications. The sterile nature of the plates eliminates the need for additional sterilization steps, saving time and ensuring aseptic work conditions.

With NEST Scientific's reputation for high-quality lab equipment, these 384-well deep well plates guarantee reliability and performance in your research or diagnostic activities. Upgrade your lab with these convenient and dependable plates for seamless workflow and consistent results.

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