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Nichipet Digital Dispenser 2-10mL

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MFR PART #: 21DG-10

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Weight: 1.1 lbs

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Nichiryo Nichipet Digital Dispenser 2-10mL

Nichipet Digital Dispenser 2-10mL

Product Description:

The Nichipet Digital Dispenser 2-10mL by Nichiryo offers precise liquid handling in the 2-10mL volume range. With its digital technology, this dispenser ensures accurate and reproducible dispensing for various laboratory applications. The ergonomic design promotes user comfort during prolonged use, while the intuitive interface allows for easy programming and operation.

This dispenser is ideal for tasks that require controlled dispensing of liquids such as reagent distribution, sample dilution, and media aliquoting. The adjustable speed settings enable customization based on the viscosity of the liquid being dispensed, reducing the risk of splashing or spills. The unique design prevents contamination of the internal components, maintaining the integrity of the samples and reagents.

Manufactured by Nichiryo, a trusted name in laboratory equipment, the Nichipet Digital Dispenser 2-10mL is a reliable instrument suitable for a wide range of scientific disciplines including molecular biology, biochemistry, and diagnostics. Upgrade your liquid handling capabilities with this precision digital dispenser that combines accuracy, convenience, and durability in one compact device.


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