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UV LED Fluorescence Cube LED+Filterset, for B-510LD4 and B-1000LD4

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CAT ID: M1223

MFR PART #: M1223

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Weight: 15 lbs

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OPTIKA/Froggabia - Accessories - M1223

UV LED Fluorescence Cube LED+Filterset, for B-510LD4 and B-1000LD4

Product Description:

The UV LED Fluorescence Cube LED with Filterset is designed for use with the B-510LD4 and B-1000LD4 microscopes. This accessory enhances the fluorescence imaging capabilities of the microscopes, allowing for clear visualization of samples that emit fluorescence when exposed to UV light. The UV LED light source provides consistent and powerful illumination for fluorescence applications.

The included filterset ensures precise selection of excitation and emission wavelengths, enabling researchers to capture detailed images with high contrast and minimal background noise. This cube is easy to install and use, making it suitable for routine fluorescence analysis in research labs, veterinary clinics, and educational institutions.

With this UV LED Fluorescence Cube LED and Filterset, users can conveniently switch between brightfield and fluorescence imaging, making it a versatile tool for various microscopy applications. Improve your microscopy experience and enhance your research capabilities with this high-quality fluorescence accessory from OPTIKA/Froggabia.

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