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Green LED Fluorescence Cube LED+Filterset

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CAT ID: M-1221

MFR PART #: M-1221

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Weight: 10 lbs

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OPTIKA/Froggabia - Lab Equipment - M-1221

Green LED Fluorescence Cube LED+Filterset

Product Description:

The Green LED Fluorescence Cube LED/Filterset by OPTIKA/Froggabia is designed to enhance fluorescence microscopy applications. This cube with a green LED light source provides uniform illumination to excite fluorophores efficiently. The included filterset ensures excellent signal-to-noise ratio by precisely selecting the wavelength range for excitation and emission.

This fluorescence cube is compatible with various microscopes, offering flexibility in different laboratory setups. The green LED light eliminates the need for external light sources, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for fluorescence imaging. Researchers can achieve high contrast images with minimal background noise, facilitating accurate analysis and interpretation of samples.

Ideal for fluorescent imaging in life science research, diagnostics, and other fluorescence-based applications, this Green LED Fluorescence Cube LED/Filterset optimizes the visualization of fluorescent markers within samples. Upgrade your microscopy system with this cube to enhance the sensitivity and specificity of your fluorescence imaging studies.

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