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LTS Tips, 20 uL, Racked, Sterile

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CAT ID: 1011-965-008

MFR PART #: 1011-965-008

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LTS Tips, 20 uL, Racked, Sterile

LTS Tips, 20 uL, Racked, Sterile

Product Description:

These LTS tips from Pipette.com are designed for precise and efficient liquid handling in laboratories. With a volume capacity of 20 uL, these tips are ideal for applications requiring small sample sizes. They come pre-racked for convenience and ease of use, allowing for quick loading onto compatible LTS pipettes.

The tips are sterile, ensuring a contamination-free environment for sensitive experiments and samples. Their high-quality construction guarantees reliable performance, reducing the risk of errors during pipetting procedures.

Whether working with DNA samples, PCR reactions, or other molecular biology techniques, these LTS tips provide accurate and consistent results. Streamline your pipetting workflow and enhance the precision of your experiments with these reliable 20 uL LTS tips from Pipette.com.


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