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Rainin - Pipette - E12-200XLS+

Rainin E4 XLS+ electronic 12 channel pipette, 20-200 uL, for use with LTS tips

Product Description:

The Rainin E4 XLS+ electronic 12-channel pipette is designed for precise liquid handling in the volume range of 20-200 uL. This pipette is compatible with Rainin's proprietary LTS tips, ensuring a secure seal for accurate and consistent results. The electronic operation of the pipette allows for effortless pipetting with reduced strain on the user.

With its 12-channel design, this pipette is ideal for high-throughput applications, allowing for simultaneous transfer of multiple samples. The E4 XLS+ features user-friendly programming for custom pipetting protocols, offering flexibility in various laboratory tasks.

Experience enhanced efficiency and pipetting accuracy with the Rainin E4 XLS+ electronic 12-channel pipette. Ideal for research labs, diagnostic laboratories, and any setting that requires precision and speed in liquid handling tasks.


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