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g Single Channel Pipette 100 uL XLS

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Rainin - Pipette - SE4-100XLSR (Certified Refurbished)

g Single Channel Pipette 100 uL XLS

Product Description:

The Rainin Single Channel Pipette 100 uL XLS offers precise and accurate liquid handling capabilities for laboratories. With a volume range of up to 100 uL, this pipette is ideal for various applications such as molecular biology, biochemistry, and other research tasks. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable pipetting, reducing hand strain during prolonged pipetting sessions. The XLS model features a smooth plunger movement for easy and effortless operation. Trusted for its reliability, this pipette guarantees reproducible results, making it a valuable tool for scientific experiments and sample preparations. Upgrade your lab efficiency and accuracy with the Rainin Single Channel Pipette 100 uL XLS.


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